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How To Become A Product Manager: A Complete Guide

Experience-wise, in India, a product manager’s salary with less than 2 years of experience to 13 years ranges from ₹ 6 Lakhs to ₹ 35 Lakhs, average annual salary being ₹ 16.4 Lakhs. Depending on your current organization and what opportunities it provides, you can opt for a transfer to a product management department to gain experience in product management. It goes without saying that Product Managers solve problems—in fact, that’s a good shorthand for the entire Product Manager job description. Getting a Product Manager job is one thing, but how do you become a great Product Manager?

how to become a product manager

Product management means more than simply knowing how to create a product. Every product must fill a market niche, and to find that niche, you first need to know your market in an intimate and detailed way. Wood is an important raw material for us, as it’s renewable and an excellent environmental choice, provided that it comes from responsibly managed forests and is sourced in a responsible way.

Support PMs in your company

A role as a Product Owner or Junior Product Manager is also a dependable path through which to break in. As long as you have the basic minimum qualifications, you can definitely aspire to make a career in product management, no matter where you are currently in your career path. Networking and maintaining rigor are the keys to making and sustaining it in a product management role. People from diverse academic backgrounds get selected as product managers. However, a dedicated certification course in product management can go a long way in giving you an edge over other candidates. A primary graduate degree in the field you’re looking to become a product manager is also essential.

Though they offer consultation and advice, product managers do not necessarily build out the product. Product managers identify opportunities by learning about customer pain points, often through customer and market research. They use research to validate ideas, learn more about potential buyers, and understand brand perception. If you are passionate about business, technology, and UX design, take the next step into this in-demand career. Get an introduction to the field by taking the Digital Product Management Specialization from the University of Virginia.

Certified Product Manager® (CPM)

You’ll need a cool head, an ability to work under pressure, and a clear sense of both your own priorities and your company’s. This isn’t just about short-term performance or even self-care; it’s also the skill that will guide the trajectory of your career as a whole. Nobody else is going to motivate you to keep learning and growing—you’ll need to be a self-starter outside the office in much the same way you’re leading your own team members inside of it. Your next step will be to get that portfolio in front of potential hirers. In fact, experience in many different areas of tech can be a great asset to a Product Manager. Firm culture affects your pleasure at work and your capacity to stay with a company for a long time, regardless of your industry.

  • Finally, professionals may move into a director of product management, vice president of product or chief product officer role.
  • Aspiring product managers may also find success learning in a self-guided capacity.
  • Remember, these PMs are probably getting spammed for informational interviews every single week.
  • Jobs stood alone onstage to introduce the first iPhone in 2007, but behind the scenes he worked with a massive team to make it.
  • When a new feature is live and in front of real customers or users, the product manager is typically responsible for communicating the successes or shortfalls of the product to business leadership.
  • These professionals ensure a company’s product strategies align with its long-term goals and culture.

First, you need to assess whether product management is the right career choice for you. The thing to keep in mind is, product managers are not problem solvers, they are facilitators. They facilitate in relieving the problems or pain points of the users/customers by understanding their needs and collecting actionable data.

New Product Development Certification (NPDP)

Finally, professionals may move into a director of product management, vice president of product or chief product officer role. The point is, successful product managers don’t come from any one specific background. They bring a variety of transferable soft skills, and perhaps some of the core hard skills, too, if they’ve already worked in a technical or design-focused role. If you are already in the field of product management, you can also find opportunities to gain product-specific knowledge depending on where you work.

how to become a product manager

If you love working with numbers or were a math wiz in school, then a data product management role could be a great fit. Working with business analytics teams and data scientists, data PMs create use cases that organizations use to measure success for their new product and feature releases. Often they are responsible for ensuring that customer interactions are tracked properly across the product interface so that other PMs or stakeholders can gain valuable insights into how users are navigating the product. A degree in mathematics, finance, or data science would be a great help to any aspiring data PM. Their understanding of the more granular technical aspects allows them to work effectively with the development team, particularly in areas like bug-fixing.

Is product manager a lucrative career?

A product manager is responsible for the overall business strategy for a specific product. A product manager might also help decide what type of products should be developed. A bachelor of science in marketing or a degree in business can give students a foundation in several disciplines related to product management.

how to become a product manager

Try your best to learn something technical like design or data analysis (Excel / SQL). Working professionals looking to enter the field can easily rework their previous experience through a product management lens. For example, if you ever took on a leadership role, you could explain how you collaborated with others, created a timeline, or set success metrics.

What Are the Different Types of Product Managers?

Enhance your professional portfolio by completing Udemy’s online product management courses. Product managers candidates are often expected to hold a bachelor’s degree in business, economics or a similar field. Some may also earn a master’s degree in business administration (MBA), product management or a similar field. Good job — you are, whether officially or unofficially, a product manager!

how to become a product manager

You must also pass an exam that covers business and technical product management competencies to call yourself a certified product manager. Completing a product management certification program can validate your skills as a product manager and help you qualify for higher-paying jobs. In this article, learn how and why you should get certified in product management.

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