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Writing a Scholarship Thank You Letter: How to Properly Show Gratitude 2022

Moreover, if you are too careless with these technicalities, it will make them think that you do not really care about it and are just fulfilling a formality. The example below will help you write the best thank you letter if you have completed your course of study. It’s a straightforward process, as we promised, when you follow the outline below.

There is no one-size-fits-all for scholarship thank you letters, but there are various aspects that cut across the different scenarios possible. I am [Your Name], and as a recipient of the Name of scholarship] scholarship, I would like to thank you for awarding me the funding. I am writing to voice my gratitude for awarding me the Be The Change You Need Scholarship of $25000. I plan on making use of this opportunity to the best of my ability, and again, I am grateful for your intervention through the St. Peters Angels Scholarship. I am a student at St. Johns High School and plan to sit for my final exams in 2021.

How To Write a Scholarship Thank-You Letter (Plus Examples!)

I am immensely grateful for your support and will make the most of this opportunity. Your generosity inspires me to give back to the community and help other students reach their educational goals. So when would be the best time to write a Scholarship Thank You Letter? As a rule of thumb, it’s best to send a thank you letter as soon as possible after receiving the news of your scholarship award. Aim to send your letter within a week or two of receiving the news. If you are wondering whether to handwrite or type your scholarship thank you a letter, well, both of these techniques are acceptable. However, handwritten scholarship thank you letters are recommended.

I am pleased to thank you for the generosity of the $500—scholarship. I was thrilled and grateful that I was selected to receive your award. Even if you’re following an outline, you want your words to show genuine appreciation.

Describe the Impact

I was able to complete all my years smoothly and achieved a GPA of 3.7. Now with the education that I have received with your help, I can fulfill my dream of helping the world and making it a better and more sustainable place for us all. I have enrolled to study for the Bachelor of Science in Engineering and hope to become a mechanical engineer upon graduation. Without your generous gift, I would not have been able to pay for a four-year college degree at such how to write a thank you note for a scholarship a prestigious university. Before taking you through the simple how-to-write steps, alongside a scholarship thank-you letter template and example, we’ll begin with the “why” aspect of thanking your scholarship donor. Your school may request handwritten notes of a certain length and format, or they may request a video, email, or other expression of gratitude. When you’re finished with the scholarship application, be confident that things will be worked out.

how to write a thank you note for a scholarship

Express your appreciation right from the start to set a positive tone for your letter. Firstly (after correctly addressing the letter), let them know just how grateful you are for the scholarship. Consider sharing a sentence or two about your background – remind them about what you said during the interview. Don’t be too gushing, but feel free to share a degree of emotion – it means a lot to you, after all. Remember, a thank you letter is not merely a formal requirement; it’s a personal testament of your appreciation.

Next steps

When ending the thank you letter for your scholarship award, always wrap up by thanking your donor(s) again. You may also want to write a short but to-the-point sentence about your future goals and how impactful the scholarship will be to your education. Finally, sign off with a complimentary close, your signature, and your name. In the second paragraph, you can tell the donors a bit more about yourself. Tell them what you’re studying, where you’re earning your degree (if the scholarship isn’t tied to your school), when your goal to graduate is, and what you intend to do after you graduate. Demonstrate what impact the scholarship will make on your education. If you’ve gone through the entire process of applying for scholarships and trying to find other ways to secure funding for your education, chances are you know just how busy things can get.

  • These tips provided here can help students craft an effective message that connects with their benefactor in a meaningful way.
  • In the following two paragraphs, describe your academic goals and post graduate plans.
  • Please know how deeply grateful I am for being selected to receive the 2021 Make It Right Foundation Scholarship.
  • For now, don’t delay a single minute in downloading your scholarship acceptance letter pdf.

Your scholarship thank-you letter provides a perfect opportunity to learn and apply not only best writing practices but also scrupulous proofreading habits. Ideally involve an objective but capable third party to catch careless typos, along with misspelled words and grammar mistakes. And here are two extra reasons for subjecting your scholarship thank-you letter to rigorous scrutiny before dropping it in an envelope or pressing the “send” button. That is, to avoid making one or both of these worst possible mistakes —  thanking the right organization for the wrong scholarship or vice versa … or worse still, getting them both wrong. Following all of these steps will ensure that your letter reminds the donor of the importance of scholarships and can make them feel sincerely honored.

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By taking note of the following factors, you can rest assured that your letter is the best it can be. With the renewed award, I feel much closer to my fulfilling my dream now of becoming a doctor. I’m writing to [say thank you/express how grateful I am] to be chosen as a recipient for the [Name of Scholarship].

how to write a thank you note for a scholarship

It looks more formal and professional, which is the right way to do it. Also, remember to label the envelope with the scholarship name followed by ‘thank you letter’ on the front. We have also provided six written samples to help you write the best scholarship thank you letter for your particular situation. Merely give the scholarship sponsor a sense of where things stand in your life and the scholarship’s positive impact on your education.

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Sometimes, continued correspondence can help you secure the scholarship for another year or find career opportunities when you graduate. Close by thanking the person again and make a commitment to do well with the donor’s investment. In your grant thank you letter, The sponsor should be reminded of the effect that they have had on your life in your letter of appreciation for scholarship. In between write a polite and professional letter, start off with your gratitude for the scholarship. Give details about yourself, explain why this award is meaningful to you and share any of your future objectives while still expressing appreciation. Lastly, conclude in an appropriate way by thanking them once again for the opportunity they have given you through their grant. Here we explore how writing an effective expression of gratitude not only deepens relationships but also encourages more philanthropic actions that benefit future students and scholars.

how to write a thank you note for a scholarship

And I will work very hard to accomplish my goals of becoming a doctor and being of service to my community. Gaining insight from people you know and respect can help make sure your thank you letter effectively expresses your appreciation. These memorable events are a testament to the transformative power of your support. I am currently pursuing [Your Major] at [Your University], with aspirations of becoming a [Your Career Goal].

Writing a Scholarship Thank You Letter

But you took a heavy financial burden off my shoulders and and that means a lot to me. Describing how much the scholarship can impact your life to you can give the donor a better idea of the importance of their donation.

It may be helpful to express an intention to follow up with the organization in the future. Write your contact information at the top-left corner of the letter, especially if it’s a hand-written letter. This should your full name, address, phone number (s) and email address. Below it,  write the name of the organization/ donor and its email. Learn easy and practical tips to pay for college to lessen the financial burden. While not required, it’s a good idea to periodically update the scholarship provider on your progress and express your continued gratitude.

Handwriting Your Letter

After I complete my medical degree, I am hoping to become a cardiologist and help people live healthier lives and this would not have been possible without your assistance. Refer to your scholarship award letter, or even your previous application letter, to determine how to address your thank-you greeting. Keep it short and direct — ideally addressing a person by name or position, but otherwise simply the donor organization and/or committee. Something like “Dear Ms. Last Name,” “Dear [Foundation] Awards Committee Chair” or “Dear [Scholarship] Foundation” will be fine.

In the opening paragraph, express your gratitude sincerely and state the purpose of your letter. Avoid mentioning specific monetary amounts or requesting additional financial support. You can share your initial reaction when you learned about your scholarship.

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Education is very important to me, and this scholarship has made it possible for me to attend college. Your influence on my life has been unparalleled, serving as a constant source of motivation and inspiration at every turn.

how to write a thank you note for a scholarship

This is because I plan to ensure public funds are utilized responsibly and public servants are held accountable for resource distribution. Show your personality by expressing your excitement over being selected as a beneficiary of the scholarship. It helps share how you feel about winning the scholarship and moving forward. Scholarship sponsors want to know how their continued investment in your education has positively impacted you and how you’ll contribute to the community after graduation.

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